Meat Sampler!

Hello there,

I would start this blog off by telling you the tale of how we found Kellers, but Applecheeks already told ya. What’s that? You’re from America and you read left to right and top to bottom? Crap. Well it’s over there, check it out.

The outside of the place was reminiscent of a bar. Tinting on the windows, beer advertisements and whatnot. For a BBQ joint, I’m totally down with beer adverts. Likely means cheaper beer. We went there on a Saturday afternoon and there appeared to be only 3 people in the entire place. When I say entire place, It could only have had 50 seats. It didn’t feel small when you were sitting and walking around in there, but it totally was.

The lady who sat us was very friendly and sat us immediately. She told us of the specials and gave us time to look through and decide our drinks. Applecheeks went with a beer and I, (being in a BBQ joint) had an iced tea.

We decided to get some fried okra as an appetizer. I figured hey, how often do I eat okra, either by design or happenstance. It’s the kinda appetizer you could get anywhere but it was well put together served with a spicy ranch and with a generous amount of fried okra nuggets.

For the main event I got the three meat combo which contained, beef and pork and your choice of chicken or ribs. For sides I got the baked beans which boasted a 100 year old recipe. I was so impressed with the taste that I believe the boast. I went with sliced beef brisket, pulled pork and the ribs which were also pork. …  I am fond of pork.

The price was very reasonable for some good country cookin’. Considering how long it takes to cook some of those meats.

The pulled pork was everything I hoped for, with sweet BBQ sauce and a smokey flavor. The beef brisket wasn’t as up my alley but still quite good. The ribs were great and yes, I licked my fingers.

After food I walked around to observe the really interesting decor. What appeared to be colored political cartoons from the 1900’s were put in frames. There was a wall with iconic ‘kellers bbq’ on the wall, set out in a country scene. When you walk in, they have a log cabin facade in front of a window to the kitchen.

Over all I really enjoyed our trip to Kellers. Everyone was very nice including the cool chick who was cleaning up, she had tattoo’s and super cool hair! Anyway, if you’re in the area or don’t mind a bit of a trip for some good BBQ I’d definitely recommend this place.

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