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No sisters of mine.

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

The Three Sisters sounds like a witchy, eclectic getaway run by wild women with no need for men, laws or common decency. I expected to see skirt flipping, bottle throwing and feminine passion. It was not any of these things, and I was disappointed. Preconceptions of the title aside, it was still a neat looking place. Downtown Kissimmee isn’t yet well known for interesting restaurants. The best we could get was old Joanie’s diner, where you were lucky if you could get more than one type of vegetable for your side-dish. That being said, we sat down at a high-table and made our orders. The Three Sisters did sport old photos of Kissimmee on the walls, and had a pub-type atmosphere.

I eyed the blackened mahi-mahi sandwich with sweet potato fries. It sounded reasonably delicious, so I went for it. We also got the house chips. I can’t resist house chips. Something about fresh sliced potatoes, versus the poor facsimiles available in bag-form at the store –they’re just a better class of chip. I was disappointed to find out that the chips we received were made earlier in the day. They weren’t even warm. Had they been hot out of the fryer, or even remotely new to this earth, I probably would have enjoyed them. I did not.


When my mahi-mahi sandwich arrived, it was almost acceptable. It was a little zingy, a nice, thick slab of fish, but not really a stand-out dish. The toppings were ordinary and a bit sparse. The tartar sauce was a good, traditional flavor and was well made. I’m guessing it came out of a pre-made jar, but at least they picked a good one.

The fries, however, were quite tasty. Crispy, sweet potatoey and nicely seasoned. The dip wasn’t great- it was bland and overly sweet.


They didn’t have much on tap, so I ordered a bottled beer. It was a raspberry Wheat. The beer was probably the best part of my meal. It was sweet, light, refreshing and tasted like a fine dessert.


Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the Three Sisters. I’m willing to give them another chance, on the possibility that they were having an off-day. The service wasn’t great. Our server seemed more annoyed by our presence than happy to see us. They weren’t terribly busy, the music was too loud and the atmosphere seemed half hooters, half dive bar. Perhaps our expectations were too high, considering the cool name, but this was a restaurant that truly missed the mark.


It’s better than one sister.

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Nestled in the middle of Downtown Kissimmee. A small down town area, attempting it’s damnedest to be as chic, over priced and hip as larger downtown cities. Three sisters looks like a bar. It has an out doors eating area half a block long and indoors, dominating the center of the place is a massive old world style wooden bar. This idea is further enforced when you find a seat. Apple cheeks and I visited mid-day on a Saturday. You would think in preparation for what is most bars’ most populated day, they would have more staff on hand. There was a bar tender who had us sit wherever we like, and one server to get the 4 tables that were sat outside. We took a spot at a high top with two chairs and at the table are two menu’s; a wine menu and a list of their specialty drinks. No food menu however, there was a chalk board describing some of their dishes near the door.

Turns out our server was to be the bartender. She was pleasant and well mannered and had a fair working knowledge of the menu. I decided to grab one of the drinks on the specialty menu. I went with the pineapple mojito, it seemed like a classic recipe with pineapple juice and garnish added. I have to say, it fell short for me. It tasted unremarkable and seemed to lack the punch that most 8 dollar drinks deserve to have. The main flavor components that came through were the soda water and the mint. When you have ingredients like rum and pineapple that shouldn’t be the case.


The menu had relatively few choices, this is something of which I am a fan. I much prefer to have few things done extremely well than many mediocre choices. The menu was separated into appetizers, sandwiches and entrees. After scanning the appetizers, we agreed on the “chips and dip” which is what it sounds like, home made chips and home made dip. Onion dip to be specific, which was good. Not great, but good. The chips could have been made fresh but distinctly were not. They had that glaze of oil on them which tells us they were fried in house but were room temperature. I’m not sure if that was because it sat for a while or if they just make large batches and we got to them well after they were made. The onion dip was interesting. It wasn’t strongly flavored but paired well enough with the chips. Unfortunately the entree comes in single and double format. Though it wasn’t indicated on the menu and our server didn’t inform us that we would be paying eight dollars for not so fresh chips and uninspired dip.

As for the main event, I went for the Cuban Sandwich. Honestly, I was very tempted by the Argentinian flank steak, but at the last second I was feeling porky. Having a choice between chips, fries and sweet potato fries I went with the fries. Apple cheeks was ordering the sweet ones so this way we get to sample all the sides. I wasn’t shocked to learn they don’t season their sweet potato fries. I’m not sure why but many restaurants seem to be afraid to go sweet and savory with these bad boys. They we were well cooked and for an extra 50 cents she got a special dip for them. It tasted like cinnamon, brown sugar and butter but it didn’t act like butter so I’m not certain. It was a fair accompaniment. My fries were classic crinkle cut fries, also well cooked and hot so there was little to no sitting time for them. My cuban was also nice and hot, classic ham, swiss, pulled pork and a pickle. It’s pretty hard to screw up a cuban and they didn’t. It just wasn’t special. I felt like I could get the same sandwich at a gas station. The pulled pork was dry and the ham was given to the sandwich sparingly.


All in all, it wasn’t great. It’s prices are high and the food didn’t warrant it. The atmosphere was nice, music was good and staff were pleasant. I just didn’t find the food or the prices worth it.