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Seriously, cheese.

Monday, February 14th, 2011

We took a trip out to Edgewater dr. in Orlando Florida to visit K restaurant. We found this place because I asked Tank Girl to find a place for my birthday lunch. I asked her to find a local place that was kinda fancy and not a chain… This place matches that to a T. The location was right on a medium-busy street. You could choose 1 out of 15 parking spots. A new rule I think is safe to go by has been inspired by this. “If there is almost no parking space, you’ll find some tasty stuff on the menu” Their menu changes all the time, which is just fantastic. They had a great selection of wine and beer. The pumpkin head ale really hit the spot on that late September day

Firsts, I couldn’t ignore the Blue Cheese Chips. MY LORD!!! They were even better than they sound. I think there were small chives or something in the blue cheese chunks and the heat from the chips made it into a delicious sauce.

Seconds, I was feeling particularly peckish and ordered the cheese plate.Fancy stuff mind you, the plate included 3 cheese each with accoutrement and a small plate of french bread croutons.

Moody Blue – smoked blue – served with candied nuts
Manchego – Spanish sheep – served with craisins
Irish Cheddar-sharp cow – served with brown mustard.

Couldn’t be happier with these combination.

For the main event I ordered the ‘mac ‘n cheese’ which contained fennel sausage, olives and tomato. Sadly it was totally underwhelming. It seemed like it was missing some flavor notes. It’s cheese component was a kind of Alfredo sauce which wasn’t bad. It for my taste it was lacking salt/general seasoning. Tank Girl ordered a Steak Burger which was made from in-house ground beef, her choice of cheese and smoked bacon, all cooked to order. My bite, the one I could coerce out of her, was delicious. This leads me to believe that you should go with your gut, read the menu carefully and order what leaps out at you.

All in all, you should definitely check out  K Restaurant.

How do you pronounce “Manchengo?”

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Man Biscuit’s birthday brought many things. Gifts, magic, love, life- and The K Restaurant & Wine Bar. Nestled in the bowels of Downtown Orlando, The K Restaurant is one of those lovely converted homes that you see lining the streets. They typically house things like palm readers, small-time lawyers and yes- trendy restaurants.

Parking was interesting. The entrance to the small lot was a litle hard to find, and harder to turn into. Man-buscuit and I hate driving in Orlando, and these narrow streets and awkward parking are the main reasons why. We managed to loop around the neighborhood a few times, but with the help of our trusty Google Maps we made it there safe and sound.

When we stepped onto the porch and into the foyer of this intriguing place,  we were greeted by a boisterous gentleman who was obviously not the seating host. He somehow managed to get us seated. The decor was boring, but clean. Despite the lack of staff, we were whisked away to flavor town and never looked back.

We ordered the K Chips as an appetizer. They were oh so gooey and delightfully crisp. Basically, they were fresh-fried chips tossed with gourmet blue cheese and chives. The flavor combo was incredible, and the chips provided a very satisfying crunch. Since we didn’t have enough cheese already, we went for the cheese plate. Personally, I love a cheese plate. Especially when the different cheeses are paired with fruit and nuts. The cheese plate was truly delightful. At the low price of $12, you get three contrasting kinds of cheese. The nuts were candied and delicious all on their own–but when tied together with the Artisional cheese, it was crunchy, creamy and dreamy. You can select your choice of 3 from 5 different gourmet cheeses.

Lunch arrived with a flourish. My burger was cooked to perfection. I like a good burger, but I simply adore a gourmet burger. There’s something so shabby chic about going to an expensive restaurant and ordering a burger. The ground brisket was light and rare, cooked to order and finished off with smoked bacon and my choice of cheese (cheddar.) True pleasure on a bun – it was perfection.

Man-busciut was not pleased with his mac-and-cheese – which we decided mutually would have been better at TGIFridays. Its lackluster flavor and minimal toppoing crisp reduced it to little better than a microwave “gourmet” macaroni and cheese. He can tell you more about this on his half of the blog.

The K Restaurant definitely threw me for a loop. As our first freak feeding experience, it was incredible. Aside from the mac n’ cheese disaster, the restaurant redeemed itself by its reasonably priced gourmet appetizers and burgers to die for. I think next time we visit this quaint little place, we’ll have to hit up the wine bar.