I See, a White Wolf Rising.

In the middle of super hip row, in downtown Orlando, sits a delightful little restaurant called White Wolf Cafe. Applecheecks and I were visiting my mum in the hospital up there and got a might bit peckish. A few questions around the staff and we were pointed toward the white wolf cafe. ***PARALLEL PARKING WARNING*** Not a problem for me but I thought you’d like to know before going.

So we get inside and the place is full of antiques and neat signs and whatnot. There is a large impressive bar, stocked to the gills with bottles. The tables and chairs all have a classic appeal with heavy iron chairs. and stone tabletop Across the walls they had hung art work, some of which was for sale.

The server was pretty attentive and pleasant. Also she was serving for two. Not sure how I feel about having a pregnant server, kinda makes me feel like a heel for making her wait on me.

The appetizer selection looked great but one thing caught our eye because its something you don’t see often. French fries and red beans. I didn’t know what to expect. As it turns out, what you see is what you get. Some flavorful red beans and cheddar cheese, topping crisp, shoestring fries. It was a very generous portion and served hot.

For the main course, it was a really tough choice but thanks to our server I was able to nail down the choice. Fried Lobster Sandwich. Yes. Fried lobster. The bread was super soft and chewy. The lobster was cut into chunks, breaded and fried. Served with a spicy mayo (which might have been for the chips but I used it on the sammich) and ensemble of garlic aioli, tomato and springmix. The whole combo was delicious.

Sadly we didn’t have any room for dessert. However the menu featured some tasty sounding options. Next time we go there it will definitely be a dessert first kinda time.

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