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Howlin’ good times.

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Alright, that title was cheesy, but once you read what I ate here, you’ll understand.

We happened upon White Wolf Cafe when looking for a place to eat around Florida Hospital. Man Biscuit and I were visiting family and wanted to find a place nearby. White Wolf Cafe popped up on Google Maps, and we just had to check it out. Not just because of the nerdy connotations of the name, but also because it had a ton of reviews. If people were buzzing this much about it, we needed to see what it was all about.

The business next to WWC was an exterior decorative statue company. It gave the whole place a Disney’s Haunted Mansion feel to it…with eerie eyeless statues staring at us on the way in. We opened the door into a huge bar area¬†and very detailed antique shop/cafe. The host stand was placed awkwardly in the center of the room, which invited your eyes to a sweep of the whole restaurant. They seated us immediately, and we spent a few moments ogling the various paintings, antique signs, wrought iron and chandeliers that consumed the walls and ceiling. It was a fun collection and certainly kept us entertained.

Everything was antique. Chairs, tables, walls, rugs…even elements of the bathrooms belonged in an antique store, which the cafe also was. The only thing that wasn’t old and tired was the menu. We were intrigued by the idea of french fries with red beans and cheese. We were not disappointed. They piled on the fries. The plate was enormous. It was covered in delicately spiced red beans and melted cheese. We dug into the fries with vigor. They were satisfying and very, very filling.

At the server’s suggestion, I selected the “mac and two cheeses.” The dish boasted crab meat, brie and caramelized pasta. They didn’t mention what the other cheese was. When it arrived, my jaw dropped in awe. It looked phenomenal. Huge, gooey, cheesy delight with strips of fresh brie on the north, south, east and west poles. The center housed the crabmeat, which was surrounded by thickly coated bowtie pasta.

I dug in with gusto. The brie was bright and creamy, and just the right temperature after being placed on the piping-hot pasta. The crab was good quality and lightly seasoned. I was still pretty full from the fry-appetizer, so I was only able to enjoy half of the dish. I wrapped it up to take home.

The White Wolf cafe had much to offer on the menu and on the walls. I highly recommend this cafe if you’ve A. got to visit someone in the hospital and are very hungry, B. enjoy looking at/purchasing antiques, C. Love rich cheeses and upscale menu items at comparable prices, or D. are bored and looking for something to do. Or, all of the above. Definitely check it out, it’s pretty dang cool.