Deep Fried Latke’s

I first heard of Toojays many years ago on a radio station. Since then it took me this long to actually go to the place. Sure, before the closest location was over an hour away, but now it’s quite close by comparison. The location Babs and I attended was kind of a pain to find parking. Once inside however you’re greeted with the sight of a New York bakery counter.

We were placed in a booth near a large window where we could view the beautiful day. The booths were fairly comfortable and the menu; extensive. With so many choices it was hard to narrow down. I wasn’t super duper hungry, (shocking, I know.) so I came up with the idea of sharing an appetizer and a lunch. It’s fun to see what restaurants have as specialty’s.

Dine here.

Toojays has the whole New York / Jewish kinda fare. So we decided on the ‘loaded latkes’ Which to the best of my knowledge are shredded and pan-fried taters which are deep fried to order, topped with bacon, cheddar, green onions and served with sour cream. Fan-Friggin-Tastic. If you are a fan of potato’s you’re gunna love this dish. The portion is very generous and the flavor is great.


This left juuuust enough room for AppleCheeks and I to polish off a classic Reuben Sammich. Served with fries and some tasty coleslaw. The slaw wasn’t special but stuck to the classic flavors. The combination of latke and sammich plus the fries was plenty filling for two. For a drink I went for the unsweetened ice tea, which if you’re a stickler about iced tea you wont be disappointed. Furthermore they had a ton of interesting cans of soda.

All in all I was thrilled with the whole experience.

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