No sisters of mine.

The Three Sisters sounds like a witchy, eclectic getaway run by wild women with no need for men, laws or common decency. I expected to see skirt flipping, bottle throwing and feminine passion. It was not any of these things, and I was disappointed. Preconceptions of the title aside, it was still a neat looking place. Downtown Kissimmee isn’t yet well known for interesting restaurants. The best we could get was old Joanie’s diner, where you were lucky if you could get more than one type of vegetable for your side-dish. That being said, we sat down at a high-table and made our orders. The Three Sisters did sport old photos of Kissimmee on the walls, and had a pub-type atmosphere.

I eyed the blackened mahi-mahi sandwich with sweet potato fries. It sounded reasonably delicious, so I went for it. We also got the house chips. I can’t resist house chips. Something about fresh sliced potatoes, versus the poor facsimiles available in bag-form at the store –they’re just a better class of chip. I was disappointed to find out that the chips we received were made earlier in the day. They weren’t even warm. Had they been hot out of the fryer, or even remotely new to this earth, I probably would have enjoyed them. I did not.


When my mahi-mahi sandwich arrived, it was almost acceptable. It was a little zingy, a nice, thick slab of fish, but not really a stand-out dish. The toppings were ordinary and a bit sparse. The tartar sauce was a good, traditional flavor and was well made. I’m guessing it came out of a pre-made jar, but at least they picked a good one.

The fries, however, were quite tasty. Crispy, sweet potatoey and nicely seasoned. The dip wasn’t great- it was bland and overly sweet.


They didn’t have much on tap, so I ordered a bottled beer. It was a raspberry Wheat. The beer was probably the best part of my meal. It was sweet, light, refreshing and tasted like a fine dessert.


Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the Three Sisters. I’m willing to give them another chance, on the possibility that they were having an off-day. The service wasn’t great. Our server seemed more annoyed by our presence than happy to see us. They weren’t terribly busy, the music was too loud and the atmosphere seemed half hooters, half dive bar. Perhaps our expectations were too high, considering the cool name, but this was a restaurant that truly missed the mark.


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