Zilly Be Good.

Nested in the middle of severalĀ  businesses surrounding it. The outside is quite humble. When you first walk in, you get the aroma’s floating over to you from the kitchen and the pleasant banter from the host(s). Well, that is a normal visit… as it turns out freaks can smell their own because we were greeted at the door by an overly-enthusiastic previous-night-party-goer. His eyes were red and he looked like he could see for miles.

After he let us walk to our booth, I noticed where a bar would be in a normal restaurant, this place held a coffee shoppe area complete with a barista. We had a seat and within 10 seconds we were greeted by Jade… or Jada? She was very nice and attentive. Unfortunately for her, Applecheeks and I had a temporary mental breakdown while staring at the menu. The number of caffeinated (and non caffeinated.) delights was nearly staggering.

They appear to have a daily changing drink specials. We both went for it but in different ways, I had the iced version (they call it frozenchino) and Applecheeks went for the cappuccino style. Today’s flavor was “Almond Joy”. Sadly, like most frozen drinks (alcoholic ones included) the ice melted quickly and led to a watered down flavor. Before that happened though, the drink was quite tasty, if small. (The photograph makes it look like a normal sized drink, but most of that was large crushed pieces of ice.)

Finally, I arrived a choice for breakfast… see if you like the sound of this: fresh croissant topped with eggs, spinach,ham, cheddar jack cheeseĀ  with hollandaise sauce and your choice of breakfast side.

I thought so too! So, I ordered that with their red potato home fries. When this bad boy got to the table, I’d say they’ve got a great presentation and I’m ready to get down on some topped croissant. After the first few bites I noticed a distinct lack of seasoning. There is something to be said about having the ingredients speak for themselves. But even in a fancy steak house, they still use salt. I felt like there was no attempt at flavoring the eggs or spinach. Even the hollandaise lacked that acidic hint you would expect. The red-skinned potato home-fries had the same issue; no seasoning. So in the end both dishes were well cooked, well prepared and well served but lacked seasoning.

That being said, I intend on giving this place another shot. Applecheeks waffle looked awesome and service was great. We may hit up their lunch menu or some such.

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