My cup overfloweth with fries.

So, Applecheeks and I decided it was time to eat a juicy burger. Our wallets decided we shouldn’t review an expensive resturant.  With all these thought in mind we had both heard of this burger joint, a chain that had been opening up in central florida from Virginia.

From the outside, it’s a little unique. Most of the Five Guys are located in strip mall type area’s right next to a bunch of random stores. When you approach It’s got great big glass windows. Diner style lettering and bright, stark colors.
You’re greeted with the smells of cooking meat and peanut oil. Bright lights and the barking of food orders. The seating is pretty basic, sit-where-you-like and a fast food style of ordering your food and take it to a table. There are boxes of peanuts strewn through out for your pre-food snacking pleasure. There are also boxes upon boxes of potatos. Apperently they’re using the main dining area for potato storage and considering I’m going to be eating some potatos… I’m ok with this.

You can see behind the counter and watch everyone cooking your food. Speaking of food. They have an deceptive menu selection. There are no “combo’s” and at first seems like a small selection of food. You can have a burger or little burger. The difference is one patty or two. The patties are smallish so the regular burger works for me. You can choose cheese bacon or both during this phase of the order. Then they have a myriad of toppings; Mayo, Relish, Onions, Lettuce, Pickles,Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Ketchup, Mustard, Jalapeno Peppers, Green Peppers, A.1.® Steak Sauce, Bar-B-Q Sauce, Hot Sauce.  WHEW!

Like I said, deceptive.
They have hotdogs as well but once I smelled those burgers, I wouldn’t have it. The next option is softdrink and fries. Fries are served in cups and are rustic style with the skin still attached. You can choose regular or cajun. (the cajun is a reddish spice mixture that is spicy and compliments the potato’s if you’re in the mood for something a little different.)

I went with a Cheese Burger (didn’t go for the bacon, I’m on a health kick) with pickles, relish, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and hotsauce. I’m pretty sure I ordered half that stuff on it simply because it was an option. When i tasted it, I’m sooooo glad it was an option! it works! the burger has the two patties both steaming hot and the cheese has melted to liquid. the bun is soft from the heat of the burger and my goodness what a tasty combo.

Applecheeks and I shared a regular sized fries. The food comes in a paper sack and they generously put way more fries than just the cupful in the bag. It felt like a secret, like I knew someone who worked there and they hooked me up. When I opened the bag, I closed it and looked around to make sure I didn’t get in trouble for getting too many fries. After visiting a few more times I’ve dropped this habit as it appears to be the way they roll.

I gotta say, if you’re looking for a delicious burger, like free peanuts, have always wondered where your potato’s grew and enjoy good friendly service, go check it out.

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